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Cold store doors

  • Choose cold store doors to suit your needs
  • Available for integration
  • Everything you need included in the delivery

Product information

We deliver two types of doors – D1900 and D2000 – for our cold stores. The D1900 is a traditional DIY door, supplied complete with magnetic strip, door mouldings, interior and exterior handles, hinges and screws. The door is mounted on the outside and the magnetic strip ensures a tight seal.

If you are looking for a door with a front design to match the rest of your kitchen, choose the D2000 model. It comes with a fixed frame that is simple to adapt to a standard unit front measuring 595 x 1,950 mm. The door has hinges for fitting on the left- or right-hand side and features a magnetic strip that provides a tight seal. The door is supplied with six small and three large shelf boxes, as well as a built-in heating cable to eliminate the issue of condensation.

Choose a conventional DIY door or a model with an integrated front.

Product advantages
  • Choose a door to suit your needs
  • Option of an integrated front
  • The D-2000 can be installed with hinges on both sides
  • The D-2000 features a built-in heating cable


Item number:
D1900: Door for DIY-rooms
D1900: Door for prefabricatet rooms

Technical information


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User manual

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Technical information

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