Cooling units & cold store

Cold stores

  • Numerous options for storing food and wine
  • Exceptional storage capacity
  • Perfect for high days and holidays
  • Flexible positioning to suit your needs

Product information

Sometimes, all it takes is a big weekly shop to see your refrigerator filled to bursting point. And then there are all the times you need a little extra space to store perishables: birthdays, confirmations, christenings and other special events involving large parties. This is where a cold store can help, as it provides full overview and almost unlimited space.

You can place cold stores wherever you need them – in the kitchen, in the utility room, the laundry room or the basement. Select a standard equipment package or mix and match from our range to suit your specific needs. Slender, coated shelves provide a clear overview and make the cold store bright and easy to keep clean. Simply put, a cold store takes the stress out of entertaining!

We know cold stores. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you!

Product advantages
  • Cold stores are easy to set up, dismantle and move
  • Choose between four different models
  • Slender, bright interior layout
  • Select a standard equipment package or mix and match
  • 100% guarded against water damage and moisture
  • Foodsafe walls, floor and ceiling
  • Easy to clean
  • Delivered as energy-saving, flat-packed units


Item number:
Modular A 1,2*1,2 m – 2420 L
Modular B 1,2*1,8 m – 3740 L
Modular C 1,8*1,8 m – 5780 L
Modular D 1,8*2,2 m – 7140 L
Standard Interior package Room A
Standard Interior package Room B
Standard Interior package Room C
Standard Interior package Room D

Technical information


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Technical information

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Placement for door and cooling unit

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