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Drawer fridge

  • Perfect for the modern kitchen
  • More space
  • Easier access to perishables
  • Choose between steel- or integrated front

Product information

Drawer fridges are the perfect solution for modern, minimalist kitchens with open areas and plenty of worktop space. They let you store your perishables directly below the worktop in a spacious unit that is simple to integrate into your kitchen design. The drawer fridge unit comprises two large drawers that provide a complete overview of your foods, keeping them conveniently at hand right where you prepare your meals. You can even choose whether you prefer to have the front panel in stainless steel or in the same finish as your other kitchen units. Brilliant!

Drawer fridges free up space and make more room in the kitchen.

Product advantages
  • Perfect for the modern kitchen
  • Provide worktop space access to perishables easily
  • Maintain the neat, low lines in the kitchen
  • A practical solution for wheelchair users
  • Choose stainless steel, or match the kitchen units
  • Temperature range: 2–8°C
  • Two large drawers and a cold cut drawer
  • Maintenance free, with automatic defrosting


Item number:
Drawer fridge for integration
Drawer fridge with stainless steel panels

Technical information


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User manual

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Technical information

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Product sheet

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