Free-standing wine cabinets

Cave 180 DZ

  • Large storage capacity, with space for 159 bottles of standard 75 cl size
  • Exclusive design
  • Two temperature zones, 4–12°C and 12–22°C

Product information

With its timeless design, wooden shelves and sooty safety glass, the wine cabinet has an exclusive feel. Experience the perfect temperature control with two zones that give you the opportunity to create ideal conditions for both red and white wine, and enjoy an unparalleled taste experience. This is a spacious cabinet with room for 159 bottles of standard 75 cl size. The cabinet is stand-alone, making it simple to position wherever you choose.

Discover a world of sophistication and practical functionality with this exclusive wine cabinet!

Product advantages
  • Free-standing and versatile
  • Large storage capacity
  • Two temperature zones, 4–12°C and 12–22°C
  • Smoked, hardened glass
  • Pull-out wooden racks on runners
  • LED lights and digital thermostat
  • Lockable


Item number:
Cave 180 DZ

Technical information


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User manual

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Technical information

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Product sheet

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